Wedding Rituals Part 2

By Naome-Shyline Mutsunge; Mabusha Venue In-house Events Manager

Are you looking for a more unusual wedding ceremony for your day, we’ve got you covered. Couples all over the world are incorporating unique elements in their weddings from other cultures especially now that the world has become smaller. We are back again with five more ceremony rituals for you to pick and make your day special and memorable.

Tree Planting Ceremony Ritual

This is an eco-friendly inspired wedding ritual. Two small containers of dirt are collected for the bride and groom which is mixed into one potted vase where the couple plants a tree. They water the tree together. They can select a place to later transplant their tree; which can be at their new home or other chosen area that is significant to them. This ceremony ritual symbolizes putting down roots and longevity and strength with marriage. The beautiful aspect is that the couple can watch the tree grow as they also advance in years in their marriage.

Lasso Ceremony Ritual

This is also known as the infinity rope or cord that looks like a rosary though some choose to have the floral lasso. It is historically a Mexican tradition. The cord is placed around the couple’s necks formed into figure eight to represent infinity, lifetime unity, and everlasting union.

Jump The Broom Ceremony Ritual

When you mention jumping the broom, many people think of the popular movie Directed by Bishop T. D. Jakes. However, we want to talk about the ritual practiced at weddings. This emanates from the Black American history. The couple has a new broom decorated with flowers, ribbons or crystals where the couple both jump over to represent them sweeping over the past and two families coming together for a new beginning. This can also represent a shared responsibility of keeping their new home.

Blanket Wrap Ceremony Ritual

With more couples looking for unique elements to incorporate into their wedding day, it is no surprise more couples are doing this blanket wrap ritual. The couple is covered with a shawl or small blanket to represent protection and warmth with their marriage as well as a pray for them to be wrapped in love and be united. They can choose to keep the blanket in their home and pass it on to their children which they can also use for their weddings.

Handfasting Ceremony Ritual

The couple’s hands are bound by a cord in which the type is determined by the couple or their Priest. Their hands are tied during the ceremony when they are reciting their vows or when prayer is being made over their new marriage. This is a representation of two lives becoming one, connection and oneness.

We hope that you have found a ritual you would like to incorporate into your wedding or your anniversary event. Be sure to tag us when you do asd we would love to hear about your love story and wedding experience.

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