The History of Mabusha

Once upon a time in a far away village called Chegore, in the Marange area, lived a God fearing old lady with her three grand children. Hers is a story of love, care for others, hard work including tilling the fields and looking after her grand children. A young girl hardly three years old used to follow her where ever she was going. Watching grandmother till the fields until sunset. She would watch the beauty of nature, the wonderful Msasa trees especially at the beginning of spring when new leaves were growing. Pfumvudza as we call it is mother language. She will gaze at the rolling hills, the beautiful sunset and pick what ever flowers she could get in the veld as she followed Gogo Marita, whose nickname was Mabusha. Today we honor and celebrate Mbuya Marita Muti by giving you Mabusha gardens a place of peace, pleasure and leisure. Come and stroll in our lovely garden. If you love Msasa trees and nature this is the place to be. Come celebrate your life with nature. 

Mabusha came to life on May 15th 2015, when we hosted our son’s wedding who had seen the beauty of the place and wanted an intimate, private and romantic wedding at home. We tore down one of our green houses in order to make room for the wedding. Our current parking lot was our initial venue spot until we moved and leveled the current area we pitch tents. Little did we know this will usher in the beginning of good tidings and the beginning of Mabusha Events. My love of plants and flowers which Gogo Mabusha natured growing up propelled me to establish our current gardens and oh the beautiful rose gardens.

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