Monique’s Kitchen Party

By Naome-Shyline Mutsunge; Mabusha Venue In-house Events Manager

Love knows no color, it doesn’t care about differences and as the Shona proverb says, the heart is like a tree; it germinates where it pleases. This is the story of Rukudzo Chawora (one of the sons of the venue owners) and Monique a lovely lady from Mexico. The beauty of interracial and intercultural marriages is learning and experiencing the way of life of your partner which can be so enriching. We absolutely enjoyed planning this African themed kitchen party.

The setup was done at our patio overlooking the mountain which has a beautiful view. This was a new experience for the bride as she got to learn about the women’s Shona culture within the home.

The event decor was done using traditional Shona kitchen utensils for a truly African themed kitchen party.

This was Monique, covered by her fiancĂ©’s sister with a wrap fabric as that is what new daughters-in-law do when they are ushered into the new family. We absolutely love the different African prints that the guests wore. The event was such a pop of vibrant colours to truly represent our Zimbabwean culture.

The menu was a fusion of dishes but mainly comprised of local Shona dishes such as Sadza rezviyo (millet), stewed beef and chicken to name a few; and other dishes such as spring rolls, samoosas and mixed vegetables

It was amazing to see the owner of the venue (Mrs. Orlinda Chawora) sitting for once as she is normally hosting other people’s events at the venue. This time, it was her daughter-in-law’s event and that smile tells us how happy she was to get a new addition to the family.

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Venue: Mabusha Gardens, Harare, Zimbabwe Photographer: Events Media Zimbabwe

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